Friday, 5 February 2010

"Anything you say, we know you're guilty"

It's Friday night, and I'm chillaxing (is that how you spell it?).  This is 'Evidence' by the powerhouse that was Faith no More - dedicated, with love, to thieving MPs and my best friend.


  1. Regarding your post on Kevin Dunion, I did a wee one pointing folks to it because I thought it important.

    Did you know Kevin Dunion is married to Iain Gray's first wife?

    Not that it makes any difference to his position of course. :)

  2. Thanks Rosa - I did mean to thank you, it was one of those posts that I was really passionate about yet it just seemed to be ignored (apart from you). Sometimes there's no telling what will be picked up or commented on.

    I've met Kevin and his wife, but didn't know she had been married to the Gray man - they are nice folks, he is passionate about what he does - but at the end of the day it's a good number he's on. I just wonder if he will wield the extensive powers he has to fix the blocking of FOI requests?

    I see the Top 100 at Scottish cliquey roundup failed to reflect a fair position for you - no surprise there then...

  3. Indygal couldn't blog if her expenses depended on it, yet you were tied with her?

  4. Oh I'll so win in the popularity stakes now...

  5. As for Yappy Yousuf and SNP Taciturn Voting - they make me want to stick needles in my eyes...

  6. Chillaxing - never mind how you spell it, how do you do it?

    I hope it's not too strenuous.

  7. Best comment about Scottish Taciturn Voting was by a poster of Lord Jeff's bog who called him a Sycophantic Aromatherapist.

    It was Ayrshire Scot and I pissed bamboo tears down my furry inside legs.

    Did the wine work out OK for you hen?

  8. Leg Iron - as stressful as loud music, cigarettes and alcohol can ever be...

    Bugger - "Sycophantic Aromatherapist", I love it. The wine? How did you guess?

  9. Not a lot of folk have commented on it either Polaris. Perhaps that's why only 26% of folk bother with FOI. It's certainly not an easy process because I can more or less guarantee 50% of your replies will start with 'We're unable to comply with your FOI request because the information is protected by the Data Protection Act 4999, page 12345, Section DDi, sub-section 5-cc'. By the time you've started to find what that is all hope is lost.

    Aye he certainly has powers and it appears will have more shortly.

    Don't worry about the popularity stakes, I'm not an entrant in those either. :)