Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The wrong kind of snow hits City Chambers...

Following quickly on the heels of universal criticism of the country's councils inability to deal with the right kind of snow over the last few months,  news reaches me of yet another story of the perils of the wrong kind of snow.

So officers from SCDEA had a meeting with the ill fated ex-leader of Glasgow City Cooncil to warn him he was keeping bad company as a result of his nose for Columbian sneezing powder.  Since when were the Drug Squad tasked with protecting a speeding yet paranoid politician who is unaccountably but overwhelmingly emboldened with an unjustified sense of his own omnipotence? Mind you, putting pen to paper to describe the likely effects of Charlie on Mr Purcell results in a description that seems very close to a breakdown of the personality traits of your average politician, sans narcotic alkaloids.

Cocaine changes people, and as somebody who has worked in and around the creative industries I've witnessed these non too subtle alterations close up, often literally, in my face.  Many of the so called high flyers I've met depend almost entirely on drug assistance to fly high; their drive, ambition and ruthlessness derived from the stimulants they chose to consume on a daily basis. Unknown to colleagues their 'success' and the personality to which it is credited is almost entirely dependent on that overwhelming sense of purpose and invulnerability that is in the gift of a gramme or two of Yeyo a day.

Perhaps Stephen Purcell isn't really that driven politician the derisible Scottish Labour movement would have us believe but just another example of an altered personality suffering under the delusion of Coca inspired ambition and superiority.  That would account for him getting very little done whilst giving the impression of being super-humanly industrious - that's pretty much in keeping with your average cokehead, and suspiciously the Labour party in general - hmmmm...

So where do those Labour bloggers Yappy and Smugdale stand on this?  Their silence speaks volumes - and after all that grandstanding over Lunchgate and Sturgeongate (I hate that gate thing)...


  1. I don't know much about this Purcel bloke, except for what has recently emerged on the blogs and msm. It was being said some years ago that city types used so much charlie that virtually every £50 note in circulation was impregnated with it.

  2. LabourCityChambersGate anyone

    Where have you been hiding, the Caymans with Mr Watson and Mr Irvine, (allegedly)?

  3. As I've said elsewhere there are other Labour politicians who demonstrate the symptomatic behaviour of a coke head. It's endemic in that party I think.

  4. I haven't ever used cocaine, and never will, but I have the strong feeling that, if I ever did, the police would arrest and charge me with a Class A offence and I would be in big trouble. I don't think they would warn me politely and give me the chance to put things right first. But then I'm not a Labour politician.

  5. Perhaps this is why labour like their little empire in the city chambers. Mind you it's a big step up from a smoke filled dingy room in some union office.

    The silence is deafening from the west, except for John Mason who sensibly requested an independent look at GCC's books.

  6. Polaris

    aye Dugface and Deluded are such big fakes, all bluster and pointing trying desperately to hide the rank Incompetence of their beloved party nothing worse than those who lack consistency and that includes the endless sh*te they post.

    Purcell got found out how many others out there dabbling in the Charlie and trying to hold down such positions of responsiblity that affect many lives....