Sunday, 26 April 2015

What - you've got a vote?

As a political nerd (geek?) I'm growing increasingly frustrated by the appalling coverage of the place of Scottish MPs in Westminster. A few facts need aired:

1. Of the 650 MPs, 82% will be representing English constituencies

2. The English press complain that English MPs have no say on Scottish issues yet Scottish MPs, in common with all other MPs, also have no say on Scottish issues. With the exception of reserved issues the bulk are devolved to the Scottish Parliament. We vote for Scottish MPs to represent us at national level and protect our legitimate interest in reserved areas - that's democracy.

3. There are 58 MPs representing Welsh and Northern Irish constituencies, in common with their Scottish counterparts they have no say in their representative bodies (Scotland has 59) - who's running scared of their influence?

4. Devolution created a federalised UK, the fact that Westminster MPs failed to address the paradox of English representation at that time lies squarely on their shoulders. As I see it 82% of MPs failed to represent their own constituents best interests - it's not the Scots, Welsh or Irish who are at fault.

5. Scotland voted to remain in the Union, their electorate have a right to vote for whomever they want. This is not undue influence, it's democracy and it's never perfect.