Thursday, 2 November 2017

Spreadsheets are dangerous

Who'd have thunk it, Treesa's marginal power base, rickety cabinet and what can only be described as a William II drama for the modern day is about to be rent asunder by a spreadsheet.

We all know that men in most circumstances should keep their hands in their own pants, ideally trouser pockets.  As for the inevitable symptoms of Dunning Kruger forcing them to verbalise anything that occurs as their lonely neurons occasionally bump in to each other, I can only recommend a generous facial application of Duct Tape.

The parliamentary researchers who compiled this list are worthy of better protection than the whistle-blower protections previously afforded when the challenge is to power, but I fear the dark forces are massing - to dig in, deceive and minimise.

So here it is, proof positive that spreadsheets have finally proven to be the "killer application"

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